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  • Laurita Da Costa
    Thank you Helen for our amazing tapping sessions. Your infinite patience and intuition have guided me towards understanding my anxiety issues and managing them better. Thank you for caring and listening. I always feel so happy and relaxed after our sessions...better than any spa treatment! Thank you for checking up on me and reminding me to do my tapping sessions and visualization exercises. You are truly amazing. You were born to do this.! Thank you for helping me take a leap in the right direction
    Laurita Da Costa
  • Sharon Taylor
    Helen is amazing! Her thoughtful and compassionate insights and the time she takes with you is invaluable. I am so glad I have the opportunity to work with her.
    Sharon Taylor
  • Robyn Lambrick
    Thank you to Helen for my gift today of experiencing her EFT gift. We tapped on quite an important issue for me - and I sat there like Mighty Mouse - feeling like I had everything under control - when in fact - everything was crying to be released. Helen - I know you're a client - and really this was in order for me to experience you and the gift that your bring to this world - but I really do want to seriously compliment you on the strength and intuition that you display when dealing with your clients. Well done for taking me there and really getting to the crux of the problem. Your patience, kindness yet firm - let's go there... was just what the doctor ordered. Wishing you strength and success in your business journey! You deserve nothing but success!
    Robyn Lambrick