Hello, hello! I am SO glad you’re here

 I’m Helen – a recovering Super Uber FAT person.  Some of the time that means I’m a beautiful mess. I can be indecisive, easily intimidated and tend to live in my head too much BUT I am also a survivor, a go-getter and an encourager.
I am on a mission to change my life. This mission involves lots of blogs, workshops, one-on-one coaching and also one very special guest: YOU. I went through the life transforming journey of losing 75kg (through weight loss surgery), regained 25kg (not such fun  & still don’t understand how or why) and then struggled (and I mean REALLY struggled) to lose it again. I know what it feels like to:
  • hate yourself and your body
  • to dream of being someone else
  • to go to extreme measures to feel beautiful
  • battle with shame and guilt
  • feel BROKEN and STUCK
because if you could ….. “Just lose the weight then everything else would fall into place”.

Spoiler Alert –  NOT TRUE

It took years for me to learn how to love myself and to realise that dieting is NOT the answer. You see I was on diet for MY WHOLE LIFE when I wasn’t even fat UNTIL I was… I saw my first dietician at 11 and at the age of 16, I was so body conscious and “FAT” that I wouldn’t go out in a swimming costume.  Of course when I look at myself now I wonder how I EVER bought into the idea that I was Fat. Because you see as I said I was perpetually on diet and NOT fat until I was. This is what Super Uber Fat looks like…
Once I learned to Love myself and TRUST my body the weight fell off – I lost the extra weight I had gained AND MORE. Now I have so MUCH freedom and control around food – and it ALL comes from a place of LOVE – how cool is that? The question is do you know what Self-love is? Do you think it is possible to Lose the weight and keep it off? DO you believe that there is another way OTHER than diet and exercise? ARE you OPEN to exploring the POSSIBILITY?  Can you Conceive that you – yes YOU have all the answers and ALL you have to do is TAP into what your body has to say – this BODYthat you hate so much or most of the time – this BODY has all the answers hidden inside her.
Fun facts about me: 
  • Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect (how could you NOT love Fat Amy???)
  • Favorite book: Women Food & God – Geneen Roth
  • Favorite quote: “Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with Gold at both ends” Aberjhani
  • Something you may not know about me: I’m mad about Pugs and Cappuccino – in that order
  • Best friend: Easy. Hennie, my husband – although he’s not so good on the “girlie talk”…
  • My autobiography title: ‘Losing Weight and Finding Myself”
  •   I will be your best friend AND your worst nightmare but one thing you can be sure of I WILL be there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY as long as you keep taking those small steps in the right direction. Are you READY to unlock the answer to YOUR weight problem? HOW may I help you Love your SELF and Love your HEALTH I am here for you, want to chat? Book a skype call?  or you can email me.
    • Laurita Da Costa
      Thank you Helen for our amazing tapping sessions. Your infinite patience and intuition have guided me towards understanding my anxiety issues and managing them better. Thank you for caring and listening. I always feel so happy and relaxed after our sessions...better than any spa treatment! Thank you for checking up on me and reminding me to do my tapping sessions and visualization exercises. You are truly amazing. You were born to do this.! Thank you for helping me take a leap in the right direction
      Laurita Da Costa
    • Sharon Taylor
      Helen is amazing! Her thoughtful and compassionate insights and the time she takes with you is invaluable. I am so glad I have the opportunity to work with her.
      Sharon Taylor
    • Robyn Lambrick
      Thank you to Helen for my gift today of experiencing her EFT gift. We tapped on quite an important issue for me - and I sat there like Mighty Mouse - feeling like I had everything under control - when in fact - everything was crying to be released. Helen - I know you're a client - and really this was in order for me to experience you and the gift that your bring to this world - but I really do want to seriously compliment you on the strength and intuition that you display when dealing with your clients. Well done for taking me there and really getting to the crux of the problem. Your patience, kindness yet firm - let's go there... was just what the doctor ordered. Wishing you strength and success in your business journey! You deserve nothing but success!
      Robyn Lambrick