4th Oct 2017

Missing Ingredient

Have you ever had a recipe for a dish or cake that was your go to recipe it was that good? I mean, it’s really good? […]
9th Jan 2017

Holiday Hell or Happiness?

This is NOT my best time of the year – BUT not for the reasons that most people think – it actually has NOTHING to do […]
24th Aug 2016

Love The Body You’re In

I am busy with a month of #gratitude and the other morning I did a quick “what about your body are you most grateful for?” Which […]
24th Aug 2016

Your Dress Size is Just a Number

It can be hard to separate our self-worth from our physical appearance and the size of our clothes. Why is this such a common struggle? We […]
23rd Aug 2016

Enough Said

As a child all my report cards read – “Helen can do better …. And she talks too much”. So from an early age, clearly I […]