What is Matrix Reimprinting?


This is THE tool / modality / technique that for me personally makes the most sense in changing MY life to how I want it to be without forcing anything. It’s where you can transform the past for a better future and by that, I don’t mean that you deny what happened – but since we absolutely influence our reality and our experience of it with our consciousness, what Matrix Reimprinting simply allows you to  do is to tune into states and possibilities that are more resourceful. – Now really –  And doesn’t that sound AWESOME?

I mean if you could “reframe” a bad memory that has impacted on how you “see” the world and, thus, how you interact with the world and this reframing will have no consequences other than you feel and become happier and more fulfilled because of it – why wouldn’t you?

The energy you put out into the world extends ‘out into the wide blue yonder’ and it touches everyone and everything. This is your electricity. And Matrix Reimprinting is the way you get to change your electricity.

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced form of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that allows you to go back into your past and actually re-story an event or experience.

Our memories have an energetic charge that affects us on a subconscious level.  By releasing the painful feelings and fears associated with that event or experience and empowering your earlier self (younger self), you can change the emotional resonance of that memory – and thus your resulting beliefs about yourself and the world.

Watch Karl Dawson’s clip for an introduction to Matrix Reimprinting.

Watch this video to find out how to get the MOST from your Matrix Reimprinting AND EFT session with your practitioner